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Engage In The 167

167 hours, exists beyond your sunday service. OUR wants you to have the tools to engage with people throughout the week by sharing the vision of what your church wants to do,and are doing in the community. Whether it is a backpack campaign for kids, food pantry, or sparking meaningful conversations we can help you connect and do social better. Engage your people and reach your community.

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We Make Social Media Easy

Our goal is to help take the confusion and stress out of managing your social media accounts. Focus on what's most important to you - your people - so that you don't have to spend half of your day on Facebook making content that's always timely and consistent. We'll do the posting for you.

We've created a simple and consistent structure to not only keep your members informed about things like upcoming events or your weekly service times but also challenging them with thoughtful and engaging content. The best part is we handle everything for you and all the posts are pre-scheduled for your approval. 

How Does It Work?

It's so simple to get started today! 

We Get To Know Your Church

The First Step is an online call with one our OUR team members. This is where we get to know the weekly schedule for your church. For example Sunday service times, weekly mid-week events, and any other details that we need to know about. 

We Pre-Schedule Your Posts

Once we know your weekly schedule we start scheduling posts! All our posts are screenshot and sent to you a week in advance of going live. We may take care of everything for you but you are still in control of what is going out!

You Submit A Change If Needed

There may be times we need to make a correction, for example a Bible Study got canceled. Included in the weekly email is a link to submit a change. That submission goes straight to our team who will make any correction before the posts go live!

What Do The Posts Look Like?

Included in our social media management is the use of professionally designed graphics tailored just for you. 
Currently we support posting to Facebook & Instagram.

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Why Is It Important?

The Gospel never changes but the way that it is communicated with the world must. Pastors share the message every Sunday but the way that it's done today is much different than in the Bible days. Paul definately didn't have microphones, sound boards, and speaker systems and it's no different with social media! God has blessed us with the ability to share the message of Jesus in more ways than ever! It's important that your active online because a post can lead someone to your website, then to your church, and ultimately to Jesus as their Savior.

4-7 Posts A Week For Just $100 A Month

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