No Catches, It's Really Only $100 A Month

Social Media Management Made For Churches


Focus on what's Important & Let us take care of Facebook

We understand how busy being a Pastor can be and sometimes the last thing you want to do is worry about what to post on Facebook that day. OUR helps you communicate with your followers throughout the week by sharing thoughtful and engaging content. Focus on what is important, your people, and let us take care of the posting.

How It Works


We Get To Know Your Church

The First Step is an online call with one our OUR team members. This is where we get to know the weekly schedule for your church. For example; Sunday service times, weekly mid-week events, and any other details that we need to know about for each weeks postings. We will also go over the process for getting us access to your social media accounts.

We Schedule

We Pre-Schedule Your Posts

Once we know your weekly schedule and have access to your accounts we start scheduling posts each week! The minimum number of posts will be 4 and go up to 7 depending on the amount of weekly events & holidays going on that week. All our posts are screenshot and sent to you a week in advance of going live. We may take care of everything for you but you are still in control of what is going out!

You Review

Review The Weekly "Social Posts" Email

Every Monday you will receive an email from us with the subject line "Social Posts." This email will contain all the previews of your post for the following week and every post is labeled by the day it will go live. We want to make sure you have plenty of time to review the posts and submit changes if needed.

Make Changes (If Needed)

You Submit A Change If Needed

There may be times we need to make a correction, for example a Bible Study got canceled. Included in the weekly "Social Posts" email is a link to submit a change. That submission goes straight to our team who will make any correction before the posts go live! We take care of everything but you're still in the drivers seat of what is going out! 


Uniquely Made For Churches

167 hours exists beyond your Sunday service. OUR helps you communicate with your followers throughout the week by sharing thoughtful and engaging content. Whether it's a post inviting people to your Sunday service or sparking meaningful conversations through scripture graphics, we can help you connect and do social better. Engage your people and reach your community.



Posts That Engage

Our scripture posts are not just "Jesus Loves You Have a Great Week!" but are instead thoughtfully written going into the deeper things of God. Challenging readers to stop and take a critical look at their own lives in the context of our Loving God that wants to see them grow in Him.


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OUR Customers

All Denominations Welcome



We pride ourselves on the fact that we have an extremely high retention rate. Here some of OUR members tell you why!  

"The Lord put some things on my heart before Covid and OUR helped make them happen. They take care of our social media posting with excellence. This is a great blessing to me personally. We have positive responses. We have new people and the financial blessings have been wonderful. Many thanks to OUR for blessing Church of Reconciliation."

Pastor James Henson
Church of Reconciliation

"Just wanted to give OUR some prop's, over the last 8 months we have seen a positive up tic with connecting to people online, interactions have become simple and convenient. Just wanted to say thank you for all you do."

Pastor Rob & Staci Lutz
Destiny Church

"Our church was looking for greater social media exposure, we contacted OUR to get details and learn about their services. We contracted them and from the first week using their service, our people in our church is thrilled and sharing the posts in their personal pages. Thanks Tyler for your excellent service. Blessings"

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 11.57.04 AM
Pastor Ramon Rojas
El Hacedor Juan 3:16

"OUR Was a no-brainer for us, they made it easy and simplistic the rest was History. Thanks guys"

Bishop Tyrone Harrington
Greater Morning View
We Are Often Asked

Why Bother With Social Media?

The Gospel never changes but the way that it is communicated with the world must. Pastors share the message every Sunday but the way that it's done today is much different than in the Bible days. Paul definitely didn't have microphones, sound boards, and speaker systems and it's no different with social media! God has blessed us with the ability to share the message of Jesus in more ways than ever! It's important that you're active online because a post can lead someone to your website, then to your church, and ultimately to Jesus as their Savior.

It's For Real

Social Media Management For $100 A Month

No need for coupons, there's no contract, no commitment, no catches, no hidden fee's. 

What's Included

- 4 - 7 Posts A Week

- Graphics Included

- We Pre-Scheduled For Your Review

- We Take Care Of Any Changes

- New Content Every Week

Work With People That Care About Ministry

Getting Started

The Next Step is to schedule an online meeting where we get to know you and go over the details of the service. We don't do high pressure sales, so if you're just kicking the tires and only want to learn more than rest assured that you won't be pressured to sign up on the call.


During our onboarding process we will get to know the main weekly events of your church (Sunday Service, Bible Studies, Small Groups, Youth Night etc.) and make sure to post about that each week. We also include up to 3 new posts each week (normally in the form of scripture graphics) to go alongside the normal weekly reminders about normal church activities. 

The scripture posts have well thought out & engaging text with it that take readers deeper and normally challenge them to think on the scripture.

The not so secret secret to our pricing is that churches generally have the same things going on each week so we are able to reuse content therefore making things really efficient on our end. For example most churches have a midweek Bible Study, so we are able to use the same graphic for all those churches. And the scripture graphics created new each week work across all churches because we all have the same foundation, God's Word.

We can handle that! Most churches have similar types of events (women's retreats, worship nights, game nights, etc.) so we can accommodate with our generic pool of graphics.

You just use our ticket link to tell us about the event and the date so we can add it to the posting schedule! No extra charge!

Plus if you have your own graphic for the event we can use that instead of our generic ones!

Generally Facebook and Instagram. The posts are identical and sent to both platforms.

We can do Twitter as well but because of the limit to the amount of characters we find it to be restrictive. Most posts will have to be cut down to meet their requirements. 

We have a ticket system for that! 

Every week in the "social posts" email there is a link to make a change. There you will see a form to let us know the details of what needs to be changes as well as a place to upload a document or image if needed. 

We monitor that system daily and will make the change and notify you when it's done or reach out if we need clarification. 

The posts will be delivered to you one week in advance of them going live. So every Monday morning at 8am central you will receive an email named "Social Posts" with all the screenshots for each scheduled post. We ask all our churches to submit tickets for changes by Thursday of each week so we have time to make changes before any posts go live.

If we don't hear anything from you the posts will go live as scheduled. 


You will get at least 4 posts a week, this will included a "See You Sunday" post that will invite people to Sunday service along with the details of your worship times. This post is done on Saturday morning. The other 3 will be scripture or engagement graphics which are new each week and include well thought out copy taking the reader a bit deeper than the surface of the scripture. 

Posts over and above those will be for normal weekly events. For example Bible Study, Small Group Meetings, Youth Nights, & Midweek Services. We do not post on Sunday unless it is a holiday or special occasion so that we do not get in the way of the "See You Sunday" Post.  

No, we will take care of all of that each week for you.

But if you have a specific graphic that you what us to use then we will use it! Our graphics are generic or lightly modified so if you want something heavily customized we ask that you send that to us for us to use.

We will use it! Just sent it using our ticket system and we will handle the rest.

Yes, and no.

We provide at least 3 new scripture or engagement posts each week but the other posts (See You Sunday, Bible Study, Small Groups, etc.) are changed about every 4-6 weeks. We normally update them based on seasons, so for example December is Christmas themed, January is winter themed, April we would do spring etc.

Graphics you provide to us will be used indefinitely until we hear otherwise.