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Products that help you connect and achieve the goals of your church

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Online Giving

Start taking tithes and donations online. Studies show an average of 26% increase in giving when churches add an online option! Recurring giving option built in.

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Start A Campaign

Create a campaign and share it with the community. We have built in peer to peer options to help increase donations and your reach! Get Started to learn more.

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Crowdfunding (Coming Soon!)

A crowdfunding platform built just for churches. We believe in you, so we are building tools to help achive your goals!

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Low Transaction Costs

We don't want to take anymore than we have to because we love ministry! All our merchant processing costs are kept low while giving you many features that don't keep getting more expensive as you use them, like some of the other platforms out there.

Text to Give

Safe, Secure, and Convenient. OUR's Text To Give enables you to reach donors where they are anytime and anywhere. 

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Engage In New Ways With Campaign Pages

We built campaign tools to help you raise funds for whatever your church needs. Want to start a backpack for kids campaign? Maybe raise funds for someone in your church? We make it easy to start, share, and raise funds that will change lives and communities.

Connect With New Givers

The next generation not only wants to have a connection to your ministry but they want it to be easy and seemless to support you. OUR has tools that make it easy for people to give to you and engage with your ministry.

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Churches Change Communities

We believe your ministry knows how to change your community and that is why we created these fundraising tools for you. We can't wait to see what you do with it.


Options for each size of church regurdless of if you are starting out or been in ministry for decades

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Smaller Church

Inlucludes unlimited online giving & campaign pages

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Larger Ministry

Includes giving and campagin pages contact us to learn more

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