During our onboarding process we will get to know the main weekly events of your church (Sunday Service, Bible Studies, Small Groups, Youth Night etc.) and make sure to post about that each week. We also include up to 3 new posts each week (normally in the form of scripture graphics) to go alongside the normal weekly reminders about normal church activities. 

The scripture posts have well thought out & engaging text with it that take readers deeper and normally challenge them to think on the scripture.

The not so secret secret to our pricing is that churches generally have the same things going on each week so we are able to reuse content therefore make things really efficient on our end. For example most churches have a midweek Bible Study, so we are able to use the same graphic for all those churches. And the scripture graphics created new each week work across all churches because we all have the same foundation, God's Word.

We can handle that! Most churches have similar types of events (women's retreats, worship nights, game nights, etc.) so we can accommodate with our generic pool of graphics.

You just use our ticket link to tell us about the event and the date so we can add it to the posting schedule! No extra charge!

Plus if you have your own graphic for the event we can use that instead of our generic ones!

Generally Facebook and Instagram. The posts are identical and sent to both platforms.

We can do Twitter as well but because of the limit to the amount of characters we find it to be restrictive. Most posts will have to be cut down to meet their requirements. 

We have a ticket system for that! 

Every week in the "social posts" email there is a link to make a change. There you will see a form to let us know the details of what needs to be changes as well as a place to upload a document or image if needed. 

We monitor that system daily and will make the change and notify you when it's done or reach out if we need clarification. 

The posts will be delivered to you one week in advance of them going live. So every Monday morning at 8am central you will receive an email named "Social Posts" with all the screenshots for each scheduled post. We ask all our churches to submit tickets for changes by Thursday of each week so we have time to make changes before any posts go live.

If we don't hear anything from you the posts will go live as scheduled. 


You will get at least 4 posts a week, this will included a "See You Sunday" post that will invite people to Sunday service along with the details of your worship times. This post is done on Saturday morning. The other 3 will be scripture or engagement graphics which are new each week and include well thought out copy taking the reader a bit deeper than the surface of the scripture. 

Posts over and above those will be for normal weekly events. For example Bible Study, Small Group Meetings, Youth Nights, & Midweek Services. We do not post on Sunday unless it is a holiday or special occasion so that we do not get in the way of the "See You Sunday" Post.  

No, we will take care of all of that each week for you.

But if you have a specific graphic that you what us to use then we will use it! Our graphics are generic or lightly modified so if you want something heavily customized we ask that you send that to us for us to use.

We will use it! Just sent it using our ticket system and we will handle the rest.

Yes, and no.

We provide at least 3 new scripture or engagement posts each week but the other posts (See You Sunday, Bible Study, Small Groups, etc.) are changed about every 4-6 weeks. We normally update them based on seasons, so for example December is Christmas themed, January is winter themed, April we would do spring etc.

Graphics you provide to us will be used indefinitely until we hear otherwise.