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Engage In New Ways With Campaign Pages

People want to connect with a mission, a story. We built campaign tools to help you communicate your mission better while raising funds to accomplish it. We make it easy to start, share, and raise funds that will change lives and communities.

Imagine The Possibilities

Backpack for back to school, raise funds for a new roof for a church member, or start a new community outreach, the list goes on and on on how campaign pages could change the way you raise funds and impact communities.

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See an Example

Click below to see an example of what a campaign page could look like for your Church.

Fund Your Mission


Telling a story about a need in your community and how you want to meet that need is the first step to accomplishing the mission.


Sharing a story helps people connect and engage making them want to support your cause.  


When you tell stories and engage people, they'll support your mission allowing you to impact your community.

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Peer to Peer

Inspire your members to get involved and build a fundraising page in support of your mission. Every dollar that they raise rolls up to your parent campaign and is tracked in our detailed reporting dashboard. Your fundraisers have their own donor portal where they manage their pages, track results and promote your cause.

Easy Social Media Sharing

OUR dashboard gives your the ability to share out to your social media accounts easily. Increase your reach and engage with people!

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All The Reporting Tools You'll Need

A powerful dashboard is include so you can track campagins, donors, and run and reports you need to monitor your success.

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