Updates To OUR Platform - Multi-fund Giving, Convenience Fee, Background Image

  • June 3, 2020
  • /   Tyler Mielke
  • /   Update
Update typewriter image

We are excited to share some new updates to OUR Platform! We always want to be improving, it's important part of us and what we do. This was a big update with a lot of new features but we wanted to highlight some of the major changes.

1. Muti-Fund Giving

Now members can give to multiple funds with just one transaction! To turn on this option login to your dashboard and to the left click "Fundraising" then "Donation Pages." From there select "edit page" and you will have the option for Multi-fund (picture below) then click submit and continue to save. To add / manage new funds select "funds" under the "Fundraising" tab on the dashboard.

Muti-fund image

2. The Option To Cover Processing Fee's 

If you would like your donors to have the option to cover your processing fees you can set that up in section 2 of the donation page editor. Follow the instructions above and after clicking "submit and next" more options for your donation page will come up. Near the bottom you will see options for covering processing fees (picture below). We have the option to add either a flat fee or percentage and you can choose how (or if) you would like the option to look for donors. 

Adding convenience fee image example

3. Background Image

There is now an option for a background image! This is found on step two as well so follow the steps above and you will see the option to upload an image and turn on Parallax effect (fixes the image so the donation page moves above it). Example below.

Background image example

4. Embed Video Enhancements

Images are powerful but so are videos and now you can feature inspiring videos and scale them to size on our donation pages. Simply copy an embed link from YouTube or Vimeo and paste the link into our video section directly under the donate page header. 

5. Google reCAPTCHA

We have enhanced the security of our donate forms by giving you the option of enabling Google reCAPTCHA. This security enhancement will prevent those nasty bots from spamming your donation page and potentially costing you hundreds of dollars in chargeback fees. 

If you have any questions or need help just contact us and we will be happy to assist!