Think Outside the Box

  • June 24, 2020
  • /   Tyler Mielke
  • /   Church Resources,online-giving,Campaigns
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The modern era of computers, phones, the Internet and tech have really changed the way that the church does ministry. My former pastor used to say “We must adapt with the times; the way we deliver the message has to change but the message itself must also stay the same.” I think he’s right; as a people, as a church, we must adapt the way that we share the message of the gospel even if the message itself is the same. Social media for example is a great tool to get things out in a new way that wasn’t available 20 years ago. Worship music has changed and evolved in new and incredible ways and now it's easier than ever to have a worship production just like Hillsong in your local church! That just wasn’t at all possible 20 years ago when I was growing up in church.

So what about the way that the church receives tithes and offerings? In some ways the church has really started to embrace new things like online giving which helps meet people where they are so they can give easily. Again the message of tithing is the same but we are adapting the way we do it to engage with our current world. But in other areas I think we are still falling short. The next generation wants to connect and feel part of something bigger than themselves so as church leaders we need to adapt the message of supporting the local church to engage with the next generation. The principle is the same; we need to tithe and we need to give offerings that help our communities and support the body of Christ. What if there was a better way to do that?

Online Campaigns. Think of something that your church wants to do right now. How do you tell people about it? For example if you want to go into your community and give out food to the homeless? Often we have a section in the service dedicated to tithes and offerings; maybe you mention it there. But what if you leveraged technology to not only talk about the mission of helping the homeless, but explain how you will do it, what and how much you need, raise funds for it, give updates, and share it with not only your church members but your community to increase the reach of the mission. Technology like this could help you more effectively manage, share, connect, and accomplish the missions / campaigns of your church. Tell stories, engage, raise funds and change communities. This is what people want: to be part of a church that is effectively engaging and supporting their community while being open about the process and what they are doing. OUR Campaign tools allow you to do just that. 

We want you to succeed because it changes lives and changes communities. Contact us today or check out our page on campaign tools to learn more.