What Can We Learn From Exiles?

  • October 7, 2020
  • /   Garry Brackett
  • /   Garry Brackett,Church Resources
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Have you noticed? It feels like we are living in Babylon! We are living in a modern-day pandemic that has radically altered our weekly rhythms. Life feels off-balance. What did Daniel and Ezekiel feel?

The importance of making Disciples for Christ could not be more urgent and more pressing than NOW! To impress a sense of urgency upon our work at this moment consider the millennials; 18-29 years of age. This group comprises 72.1 million (according to the 2019 statistics on US Population). This generation is being referred to as Digital Babylon! They are more digitally connected than any generation and yet the most distant generation when it comes to faith in Christ. They are the modern-day Exiles. Consider the faith practices of a segment of this generation that grew up in church.


This is the generation that we will hand over the reins of spiritual leadership. There is no more compelling sense of urgency than NOW to turn our churches into disciple-making churches that are led by discipled pastors.

What can we learn from the Exilic Prophets – Ezekiel and Daniel? Here are six insights.

  1. Exiles live for the sake of others
  2. Exiles take epic risks for the sake of what is right
  3. Exiles make prayer a mission
  4. Exiles live by the mandate of faithfulness and holiness
  5. God is at work for good, even in exile
  6. Exiles find their home in God himself, not institutions

These exilic prophets teach us to expect the course of World History interfacing with us personally and our faith traditions spiritually. Go and make disciples…. even in EXILE!

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