Is the Status Quo Helping your Church?

  • May 13, 2020
  • /   Tyler Mielke
  • /   Church Resources
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COVID has changed how the church interacts with its members. Is this right or wrong? Is this unfair? You may be thinking these questions along with many others, but an important question to consider — in fact, possibly the most important question — is regarding your active response to COVID. That is, what are you doing to adapt in order to connect with the people while your doors are shut? Connection with others is a gift, even a command sometimes, from the Lord. “No man is an island” is a phrase that seems more pertinent than ever these days. 

Working with ministries across the country, we have seen unique strategies that churches have implemented so that they may continue to pastor and connect with members. Some are doing video chat calls with members (both individual and group chats), sending friendly texts or phone calls to check in, regularly emailing members, and even posting on social media platforms to spark conversations between members. These are all actions taken that may seem simple to many, but to God, it is seen as going above the call of duty. Simply put, we are seeing wonderful things happening outside of just live-streaming services. Don’t misunderstand, we should be live-streaming, but going beyond this one action is CRUCIAL in these times as well as in the future. 

We know some aspects of technology can seem daunting or even impossible. However, technology can be easy to utilize! We have seen one church do video calls to talk with and interview its members. These videos are then posted to social media to allow members to get to know one another. Imagine getting to know other members of your church that you may never have gotten to know otherwise! 

While in quarantine or social distancing, more people have to turned to listening to podcasts from a their favorite celebrities for entertainment and to get to know those celebrities better. Now, imagine your church providing such a form of entertainment, except it is with people among a church — with people the members actually know! The opportunity for deeper connections among members is easier than you would think. 

We have seen these actions provide astounding results for churches! Those that have adapted and are going the extra mile to make connections are seeing an increase in tithes and offerings in their churches! This of course should not be the church’s only goal, but this does indicate that people may be more willing to financially support ministries that take the time to support them emotionally during tough times. For me, it is simple — lay down yourself and serve people, and they will be there for you when you need it most. 

So Pastors, what are doing during these times? Have you seen an increase or decrease in giving from your members? We would be elated to hear your responses. We also want to help you! OUR offers tools to help you better connect with people online. Contact us to learn more.