Don't Go Back To Normal, Embrace The New Normal

  • June 10, 2020
  • /   Tyler Mielke
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I’ve heard that lately many business owners have had to adapt their way of operating due to COVID, and those adaptations are some of the best things they could have done for their business. Don’t get me wrong it is a challenge, and it’s been uncomfortable to say the least, but many businesses have flourished because they are willing to take on the unknown, the uncomfortable, and face it head on to adapt. Restaurants, for example, are offering services that many never did before — carry out, deliveries, and other creative methods to get their products to people in a safe way. Shops have moved to mostly online business so they can continue to operate. And you know what? Many are saying they will continue to offer these additional services after Covid is over because they have been profitable services that they wouldn’t have implemented unless COVID happened.

So what does this have to do with you? Or your church? Simply put, we need to continue connecting in unique ways even when we all get back to normal services. Maybe God has wanted to use this resting time to develop you, to grow your church, or to deepen connections with your church members, and to do it in new ways. Change is hard, but it often comes with the sweetest and best fruit once we overcome it. Have you used your time during Covid wisely? Are you live streaming when you had not tried that prior to COVID? Maybe that is a new ministry that you never would have considered before, but now it is a new way to connect that shouldn’t be stopped just because we start meeting face to face again. Technology can be an incredible tool for the gospel, and who else is best to utilize this incredible tool than the children of God. Have you been calling to check in with people throughout the week since you can’t see them on Sunday? Have you prayed with them? What about emailing church members or texting to check in? Or a video call to have a face to face in the middle of the week. Podcasting with church leaders or members? I want to encourage you to continue (or start using) any of the above avenues of connection even when you can talk with members on a Sunday morning. In the past, many churches have relied on Sunday morning to make these connection points. But after seeing the creative things churches have implemented to connect with people during COVID, I think we should embrace the “new normal” and continue utilizing the new tools for connection! I encourage you to use social media and technology to deepen connections with people of your church. Just like money is a tool to further the gospel, Facebook is too! Make meaningful connections, engage in meaningful conversations, be the leader that your local community needs. 

Let’s not take the progress that we have made as a church and throw it out the window because we want to get back to normal. Maybe God wants his church to do a new thing and bring it together with the old thing to make his church better.

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