About Us

What’s OUR Why?

OUR stands for One United Relationship and our mission is to bring this relationship to the world. We are a group that believes in support and Uniting ministries to help better all our communities across the country. Nothing is stronger than a united force coming together for a just cause. Our passion is to bring people together to make a difference by championing causes that will impact the lives of millions each year. We do this by supporting churches and ministries in a varity of ways through the leveraging of technology. It is our belief that if we can serve you and your church we can help impact your entire community through you. 

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A Team That Loves The Church

We started with a love to help the Church succeed, and many of us sharpened our talents from just serving in our local Churches. Actually many of our services came out of seeing a need for these within our own Churches. We just wanted to help you have the best, leverage technology, and most importantly change lives and communities.

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Helping Ministry Leaders Adapt

We get it, you have a lot on your plate, but it's still really important to have a great website, use social media, create up to date to date graphics etc. If you have volunteers or staff that can handle that for you, that is fantasic! But we know from experience many churches don't have the budget or anyone in their church than can help with these things. That's where we come in. OUR gives you services and tools that allow you to pastor your people while staying up with the times of today without breaking the bank. We say it like this, the way we present the message of the gospel has to adapt and change with the times of today so we can connect and meet people where they are, but the message of the gospel itself must remain the same. OUR can help you do that.

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Serving Pastors and Churches

OUR clients are Churches, Ministries, and Pastors. We believe that serving the church is one of the best ways to pour into communities. If we can help you as a Pastor or leader in some way it allows you to more effectively impact your members and community. That's what excites us.

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Making It Affordable 

OUR goal is to give you incredible services at incridible prices. It's part of OUR mission to see local churches succeed. 

Ministry Partners

These are some of the organzations we have partnered with to bring OUR services to the churches that they work with.

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Harvest Foundation

Harvest Foundation is a ministry geared towards changing how even pastors look at their ministry. There are too many ministers leaving ministry because they are fatigued. Harvest Foundation aims to help change that statistic one pastor at a time.

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